Nexus Solutions, Inc. offers a variety of consulting services to construction and real estate firms. Our industry knowledge, experience and strong relationships can maximize your business development and help you to avoid unnecessary risks.

  • Strategic Planning / Business Development
    Strategic planning is a useful tool that enables a company to evaluate their product, clients, competition and finally how to excel in their industry. Working with the client, Nexus will devise a five year plan in order to achieve company goals. In creating a clear picture of the future, everyone in your company will be on the same path to success.
  • Intelligence Gathering
    Business Intelligence plays a crucial role in an organization's strategic planning and recruiting. Nexus Solutions, Inc. collects valuable data from competing businesses which in turn is used by our clients to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Organizational Assessment
    We evaluate each organization's strengths and weaknesses, define the corporate goals and determine internal issues that hinder the organization's progress. Based on this assessment, we then create an action plan to make the firm more efficient and profitable.
  • Executive Coaching
    Today's executives, senior leaders, and leaders-to-be must be able to demonstrate technical excellence while also maintaining a professional image. In order to achieve all around excellence, Nexus can identify and build on areas of improvement that exist within the leaders of your company. We can help them to reach their full potential in ways such as: communicating better with peers, fine tuning strategic and organizational skills and time management. With our help, your managers will have more confidence and become better leaders.
  • Compensation Planning
    Appropriate compensation is obviously a critical factor of employee retention. Nexus can assist you in designing a fair, competitive, behavior-driven compensation package for your employees; including their pay rate, insurance options, 401k and other benefits.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
    Often times, firms are burdened by pre-acquisition and post-acquisition issues such as over-paying and/or a lack of synergies. Nexus will perform the due diligence, evaluate the value of an organization, and assess the compatibility of the company cultures. We will then walk a client through the steps of their merger or acquisition in order to increase the likelihood of a smooth and profitable transition.